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As promised last month, to help you start the new year right, we will discuss the Seven Heavenly Virtues. Let others give you lists you cannot stick to. Let’s go back in time & see what the philosophers & theologians had in mind for us. Much more charming, I’m sure. The Seven Heavenly Virtues were derived from an epic poem entitled The Contest Of  The  Soul , describing the battle of good virtues & evil vices. There are several versions of this list, but as we are approaching Valentine’s Day I’ve chosen the most romantic: CHASTITY, JUSTICE, CHARITY, DILIGENCE, PATIENCE, KINDNESS, and HUMILITY.

CHASTITY -the practice of courtly love & romantic friendship. Very King Arthur, so charming.(And personified by this beautiful miniature from the Royal Collection).

JUSTICE -mindfulness of others and restraint. Remember to practice the Golden Rule.

CHARITY-unlimited love and kindness toward others. Something to think about for the year to come.

DILIGENCE-persistence and the work ethic. Just when you think you can’t go on another minute, you can.

PATIENCE-the pursuit of peace, your own and in the world.

KINDNESS-compassion and friendship. Don’t wait for someone else to give up their seat or help someone across the street. It’s charming to be kind.

HUMILITY-selflessness and the giving of respect. No, you don’t know it all so take the time to listen to another point of view.

Trying to live by these virtues could bring charm back into our lives.

Start practicing these virtues by acknowledging your friends and loved ones with charming gifts for Valentine’s Day.

MAC has created an adorable set of 5 nail lacquers called, Naughty Little Vices. The best one is the gold called, “Vice is Nice.”

Kate’s Paperie gets my gold star for the best Valentine’s cards. A good time to practice your hand-written note skills. No e

mails please! Hurry, hurry because only one store remains! 72 Spring Street, NYC.

The best Valentine of all-the famous Valentine portable typewriter by Olivetti. The designer, Sottsass, suggests that it’s the perfect thing for writing poetry.

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