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In Master of Charm on November 29, 2010 at 6:39 pm

Colin Firth 002


Ever since Pride & Prejudice aired, we’ve known about Colin Firth’s restrained, but oh so powerful charm. His latest film, The King’s Speech, has already garnered Oscar buzz and we can’t wait.



  1. Colin Firth is really good in this film. Here’s my review

  2. Happy to witness that 2 of my longtime movie star heart throbs are finally getting their due.
    Jeff Bridges who movies I’ve followed since the ‘The Last Picture Show’ and was thrilled that
    he finally won an Best Actor Oscar last year. Colin Firth captured my heart in ‘Pride and
    Prejudice’. Since then I’ve watched his presence and performance elevate even commercial
    drivel like ‘Love Actually’ and the Brigit Jones films. I swooned even when he played a homo-
    sexual in ‘A Single Man’ and loved him in ‘The King’s Speech’. He’s who I’ll be hoping to
    win this year’s Best Actor Oscar!

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