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Everyone would like to meet one. Those in Woody Allen’s film didn’t seem to have much success, unless you count Antonio Banderas–very tall, very dark. He just fits the bill. Why, we wonder, does everyone seem to be turning to the paranormal- crystal balls, fortune tellers, ouija boards- for answers to the mysteries in our lives? Maybe the usual pundits are not supplying us with what we need, or the realities are just too harsh, so we seek more charming solutions. Instead of your broker, try your hand at asking the ouija board for answers (try it!). If you want a portable medium, try the Mystic Fan.

Here’s some pagan, satanic and occult FASHION from Alexander McQueen just in time for Halloween! This holiday started out as a Celtic ritual to ward off the evil spirits who were believed to be slipping into our world at the end of October. Then, we built bonfires and donned scary masks, but today Halloween has morphed into an opportunity to wear more charming attire. Although still available, leave the witch and goblin garb to the kiddies. Now adults can be outfitted at Ricky’s (the go-to costume shop) for more charming attire such as, the Vixen Pirate Wench or Sexy Swash Buckler.

IT’S A CONTEST! Get out your most charming costume and hit as many parties as possible to show it off! Send me ( pictures of your most charming attire and the winner will receive a special prize from me!

To help connect with the spooky, mysterious vibe of Halloween, check out the Fred Tomaselli exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum. His pointelist kaleidoscopes against black backgrounds set just the right mood for the season. He’s described his works as “windows into a surreal, hallucinatory universe.”

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Prepared this month with the help of Davi, from The Corner Bookstore (212-831-3554) for your paranormal education.

Occult America: The Secret History of How Mysticism Shaped Our Nation, by Mitch Horowitz

Spook: Science Tackles the Afterlife, by Mary Rach

The Lost Symbol, by Dan Brown

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