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I’m charmed by lady spies-pretty and tough at the same time.

Lately, we seem to be inundated by these charming sexy sleuths. It started with the news of Anna Chapman, the sexy Russian spy who was traded back to Russia with her fellow suburban spies after failing to measure up to the secret-agent standards of the Cold War.

For more, check out the SPY GUIDE:

  • Covert Affairs– USA’s new series. Piper Perabo plays Annie Walker, a lovely young thing recruited into the CIA who sure knows how to kick those Manolo’s when the going gets tough while keeping her cool and charm. Check the website to see what you can learn on “The Farm” (CIA training school)-everything from Brain Training games to a CIA trivia sweepstakes called, “Spy the World.” Next summer’s holiday maybe a click away!
  • Salt-Angelina Jolie plays Evelyn Salt, former CIA, who is framed as a Russian spy. She uses her former expertise in covert intelligence to clear her name.
  • The Right Training– Try out your own chance to become an international women of mystery by checking out the most charmingly named martial arts institute, The Stiletto Spy School, a 10-hour boot camp organized by Alana Winter. Alana says her inspiration was Emma Peel from the 1960s British television series, The Avengers. Emma Peel, played by Diana Rigg, was an undercover operative who knew how to hit karate kicks in her leather cat-suit. She was the anti-“Bond” girl.
  • The Right Gear– Jean Paul Gaultier seems to have dedicated his fall 2010 Hermes collection to The Avengers-lots of leather, bowler hats and furled umbrellas. The perfect look for fall. (See Lily Cole in photo above). Chanel seems to thinks so too, as their new commercial stars Keira Knightley in a beige version of Peel’s cat suit. And if you need the right shoes for the karate kick, head to Manolo Blahnik’s store on September 10th for Fashion’s Night Out where he’s promised an undercover “night of surprises.” 31 West 54th Street (between Fifth and Sixth Avenue).

Sexy spies may be taking over the charm from the Sex and the City girls.


To catch up on your spy education, check out the following:

Femme Fatale: Love, Lies, and the Unknown Life of Mata Hari by Pat Shipman. The charmer of all time.

Stieg Larsson’s trilogy, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, The Girl Who Played with Fire, and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest. Industrial spy in black leather, Lisbeth Salander, surely knows how to kick ass.

The Company, by Robert Littell. For the inside scoop on the CIA.

Ladies, you have your work cut out for you between your undercover shopping and your reading list. You go girl!

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  1. Wonderful as always!!

  2. Another amazing post, with great recommendations Deanna 🙂 Thank you and to a happy Fall!


  3. Deanna: Thanks for the reminder on FB…I got busy with my computer/printer problems and forgot to read it. Love the newest blog. I am not such a fan of Covert Affairs as you are Rubicon is more thrilling to me but I love this agent who has sight problems the actor is amazing. Kisses. Lee

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