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As we begin the New Year & the New Decade, I think we have had enough of lists. I shall briefly note, however,that my MOST CHARMING LIST award goes to Bono for his Op-Ed piece in the New York Times (1/3/10). It is accompanied by charming illustrations as well.  He reminds us what’s important for the future.  He’s sick of lists too, but he’s looking forward. He’s got big ideas, but delivers them with grace & in the most charming way. Try to check it out.

I vote for reading the tea leaves to see what’s in store for us-it’s like a gypsy fortune teller- putting those ideas in your head may be a kick-start to them happening.  As you look into your crystal ball, you may have some nice surprises.

Have a TEA PARTY with your friends (not the political kind ) & talk about some new ideas.  I went to my favorite spot for High Tea-the Carlyle Hotel in the Gallery.  You’ll feel like you’re in a harem with the wonderful Turkish carpeted banquettes.  Just holding a teacup makes one feel so civilized & charming.

Or do one at home-my favorite teas are from Mariage Freres. Try their   Lapsong Such ongvery smokey & mysterious, just like the gypsy’s crystal ball. With your tea you can have my favorite patisserie, the ganach-filled “Macaroon.” While you’re having your TEA PARTY, be your own gypsy with Mystic Fan game.  As for Palm Reading see your reading assignment below.

Quote of the day: “My dear, if you could give me a cup of tea to clear my muddle of a head,I should better understand your affairs.” Charles Dickens (#2 in 365…see reading assignment) ATTN: Wall Street-try bringing in Tea Time for clearing heads.  How charming.

Hope you all got the year off to a good start. If you need a LUCKY CHARM to help, see my charms at:



Three Cups of Tea by Gregg Mortenson & David Oliver Relin-one man’s mission to promote peace-one school at a time.

French Tea: Mariage Freres-Three centuries of Savoir Faire

365 Things Every Tea Lover Should Know by Harvest House Publishers

The Gypsy Queen Dream Book and Fortune Teller (divination series) by Madame Juno the Gypsy Queen because you can unleash your inner gypsy & interpret every dream you’ve ever had.

And one more- Alice In Wonderland by Lewis Carroll-so you can brush up on your “Mad Tea Party”

  1. Inner Gypsy

    Scientists have recently discovered a part of the human consciousness which seeks perfect freedom from society’s rules and regulations, and desires to play, to dance, to sing, to be creative, and to connect with the human species. They have termed this characteristic the “Inner Gypsy”.

    The study of this personality trait is called “Gypsychology,” which is coincidentally also the title of a new album by the acoustic world fusion band, Inner Gypsy. They have chosen this title in dedication to the characteristics which embody the lifestyle of the Inner Gypsy.

    Their music incorporates the tonalities and rhythms of the many cultures which they have experienced in their travels. And, channeling such diverse influences as Paul Simon, Jimi Hendrix, the Beatles, Mahavishnu Orchestra and Ravi Shankar, they strive to create a musical bridge which unleashes the Inner Gypsy in everyone.

    • Dear Inner Gypsy(s),
      This is a most interesting reply to my Blog. Didn’t expect to get a real “Gypsy” education.I am most interested in locating your new album as I am a great fan of Gypsy music (the Kings,as well as others).
      Perhaps due to Rumanian grandparents… I lived for 10 years in the South of France not far from “French Gypsy Headquarters” in St. Marie de la Mer. When I last had my palm read there, it was a less than stellar report so I’ve switched to the Crystal Ball.

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