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In Mistress of Charm on July 21, 2009 at 12:05 am

drewNancy Drew, that fictional girl detective worshipped by generations of young women, has once again come into our collective consciousness as a role model to Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomeyer. And it turns out to Sandra Day & Ruth Bader Ginsburg as well. In print since 1930, the series by Carolyn Keene with wonderful titles such as the Secret of the Old Clock & the Password to Larkspur Lane, demonstrate that Nancy’s feisty personality & her ability at problem solving doesn’t prevent her from being charming, powdering her nose & driving off in that blue convertible to solve the world’s problems. A true modern heroine.

  1. As a life time fan of Nancy Drew, I appreciate your crediting the Charm of her book titles. It was
    all part of the allure and excitement in choosing the next ND adventure to enjoy. I can remember
    wishing I lived in a place like Nancy lived in, where there were so many intriguing houses with
    enchanting names or clues to explore. I credit Nancy Drew in helping to spark my imagination,
    to ignite my curiosity and to instilling my life long love of research.

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