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In Editor's Desk on April 22, 2009 at 7:47 pm

Spring at last!

And not a moment too soon. Today is Earth Day & everyone needs to take a walk in the park, feel Spring & see those beautiful blossoms on every tree.

So many things that Spring brings to mind-

audrey-hepburn1Spring Fever is my favorite. Such a charming expression. It always reminds me of how I cut school one afternoon with my girlfriends to see Audrey Hepburn in, “Love In The Afternoon.” We were in love with her! After the film we went to Central Park & lay on the grass, looking at the sky & talking about life. Now, there’s a new book out called “What Would Audrey Do?” We probably could have written the book.

The French have an even more charming name for Spring Fever. They call it “L’Ivresse du Printemps”-drunk on Spring. While we’re busy being drunk or having our head in the clouds, let’s not forget some of the real meanings of Spring:

A new beginning, rebirth, blossoming, a new start.

We should all start off the new season with a good Spring Cleaning. It’s time to do it. We’ve been talking about it since the New Year. If you don’t have someone to pitch in, ask an out-of-work friend to help for a small fee. Make a plan: get a shredder,give the clothing rejects to a thrift shop try some “earth friendly” products for the windows. It feels great when you’re done. You can see those blossoming trees out the windows & have lots of room in your closet to start over. Spring Sales have started already-a sign of the times..but be disciplined. We should all learn to do with less.

daffodil1For me the most charming flower that says spring is the Daffodil. Try a straight-sided glass vase packed with them. All the stems should be cut the same length and tie them with a bit of raffia or ribbon. Or if you’re all thumbs instead of a green thumb order them from

Ciao for now & don’t forget to recycle,


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