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I’m recently back from Paris and despite the sub-zero weather, it was indeed Gai Paree. The Ready-to-Wear collections were in full-swing and quite a few designers said, “Recession be damned!” Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton, quoted in WWD, said, ” Yes, there’s a crisis, but one can carry on and contribute to beauty and gorgeousness.” And that he did with lots of French charm, flirtatiousness and pretend decadence-lace, corsets and poof.

Speaking of lace, it seemed as if during the collections in Paris, every attendee wore black lace hose with a high-heel bootie- “sexy” never being far from a French women’s mind. Bill Cunningham’s column in NYT (3/22)  entitled, Stems, described the difference between NY with women stomping around in heavy winter boots and Paris, with the dazzling leg factor-“seduction in full play.”

During the shows in the NYC, in a sort of Sex-and-the-City moment, Ashley Dupré showed up at the Yigal Azrouel show. Azrouel said, “I’m shocked” and fired his publicist, Kelly Cutrone for allowing America’s most notorious ex-call girl to sit in the front row.  One year later and she’s moved on to a singing career but America hasn’t. In Paris, they’d be calling HER publicist.

France, after all, is the country that brought you Catherine Deneuve in Belle du Jour. This 60’s film is about a bored bourgeois wife who works in a bordello in the afternoon (remember those charming Charles Jourdan shoes with the buckles?). This year there’s a new movie called, Cliente with Natalie Baye, about a 50-ish woman who pays a call boy for sex when her marriage breaks apart.

Only the French could have a literary blog called, Maitresse, which writes about all things literary and sexy. In France, brainy doesn’t mean you can’t wear stilettos. Watching the lights sparkle on the Eiffel Tower on my last night is probably the most charming and inspirational site in the world–gives you the feeling that things will be fine.

A la prochain-


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