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In Editor's Desk on February 3, 2009 at 12:30 am

Remember when I told you that one of the things I would do is help you find PRINCE CHARMING ? Well, I think we have found our collective PRINCE CHARMING. From the moment they danced to “At Last”, sung by Beyoncé, looking so soignée, the mood was set. His statement as he took to the dance floor at the People’s Ball “How good looking is my wife? said it all. Not only was he the best looking “date” we’ve had in a long time, but Charming to boot. Not afraid to express his feelings for his lady-love on international T.V., but he’s going to fix it all too. The planet swooned! The savior is here!

Michelle has excited the fashion world with her charming choices & we are all thrilled to have such a young & fashionable first family. Two adorable “first children” & two Harvard grads.

We will find back in style words like GLAMOUR, CHARISMA,DEBONAIR & CHARMING – and imagine, we will be using them to describe  our new  President  & his lady. They will be setting an example to the whole country. It  will now be “cool” to dress well, be smart, have good manners, be sophisticated & be glamorous. He will be faced with an almost daunting task, & hundreds of constituancies  screaming me,me,me & feeling the pressure of millions of Americans,if not the world, but we feel confident that “Nodrama Obama” is at the controls.

See you next week with some Valentine’s Day  thoughts.

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