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Send To Him

charmWell I’m going to say it: there’s nothing charming about receiving a Valentine via text message. It’s not only bad when men text with horrible abbreviations such as “C U L8R” , it’s painful & cavemanesque. The only way he can get away with it is not in a text message, but if he buys you one of my  “rebus” charms that says “I Am 4 U” in 14k gold.

Or texting would also be permitted if he took as much pains with the thought as if he had written a handwritten note. Try a Sonnet: “HOW DO I LOVE THEE, LET ME COUNT THE WAYS…” Google, “Elizabeth Barrett Browning” for assistance.

If you can’t sing, find “My Funny Valentine” on iTunes & send it by e-mail to your Lady-Love.

candy-valentineCandy Hearts-iPhone helps you create your own digital Valentine’s candy. Personalize the color, background & message & send it via e-mail.

Now For Her

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the Film Forum has all my favorite romance movies. “It Happened One night”, “My Man Godfrey” or that other Frank Capra lovely, “Mr. Deeds Goes To Town.” The series is entitled “Breadlines & Champagne,” in honor of our new-found “poverty.” For a “Cheap Date”, pick up 2 tickets & send them to your mate in a lovely RED & gold card from “The Gold Line” (heart stamps at the post office-42 cents). Plenty of popcorn at the concession stand instead of dinner & the rest of the evening is free. Don’t forget to always be properly dressed-Alexander Wang limited edition condoms at: proceeds go to Planned Parenthood.

If you’re already hitched, consider “THE THIN MAN” series, Dashel Hammet’s high comedy detective series with William Powell & Myrna Loy-love fueled by dry martinis. You could rent, “The Thin Man” (# 1), cook up an appropriate meal (elegant) & shake up some dry martinis in you new “vintage” cocktail shaker, courtesy of Housing Works. This will teach you how to keep the marriage flame burning forever.

See you next month when I’m back from MY Valentine’s Day in Paris! Let me know how my ideas worked out.

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