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In Master of Charm on January 1, 2009 at 2:01 am

daniel-craigJAMES BOND, the true master of charm. Daniel Craig, the new James Bond, misses the mark on several counts-he never gives up the clenched jaw, looks terrible in a tux, and is lacking, for many filmgoers, the one defining element, the famous Bond charm. As M said, “James, look where your charm got you…” while gesturing to the petrol-covered corpse of his most recent conquest. At least we hope he got his solace. 

For me and Prince Harry (according to People), there’s only one true James Bond-Sean Connery. Those piercing blue eyes, that accent, that smile that could melt even a counter-spy and the way he orders a martini-I’m dead on the floor. sean-connery-james-bond

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