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In Editor's Desk on January 8, 2009 at 2:29 am

As we begin the New Year 2009 we must remain hopeful that Humpty Dumpty will right himself. Here are 10 things we can do for ourselves to feel better from the start.

1. Be charming: honey does get you further than vinegar. 

2.Wear your jewelry: even though the papers say it may be in bad taste-don’t let them get you down-go for it, even with your jeans. It will lift your mood &  keep it polished.

3. Be a Hostess with the Mostest: give dinner parties, even if your apartment is small and even if you have to do “take-in.” It’s convivial, it’s simpler than coordinating a group to go out, & your friends will be charmed.

4. Volunteer: find a cause that interests you & give a little time & a little cheer. It’s free, you will be helping others & it will get you out of yourself for a few hours.

5. Be smart: if you have more to give than yourself, make sure you practice “Smart Philanthropy.” To have a greater social impact from your giving, get the book recommended by Bill Gates: Money Well Spent, published by Bloomberg Press.

6. Be Smart II: get a tiny “Smart” car-now available in the U.S. Two can fit in the parking space of one American car. You’ll reduce your footprint. Great for city shopping (bring along your own shopping bag), and if you insist on designer looks, there’s a 10th anniversary edition by Hermes in the house’s signature orange with a leather covered steering wheel.

7. Write notes: In this world of e-mails your thoughtfulness will be remembered. Get some engraved note cards -4 1/4 x 6 3/8- & have them ready. If you can’t afford to have them engraved, you can “Do It Yourself” on your computer. Crane & Co sells the cards, & envelopes & templates are on the website.

8. Read more: Support your local bookstore. The N.Y. Times & The Wall Street Journal have already done their lists of books to come. We’ll be sorry if there are no more independent bookstores. Be old-fashioned, curl up in a comfortable chair with a good book & a cup of tea (or Smart Water).

9. Shop in your closet: If you haven’t yet done it, clean out your closets. You’ll be surprised what you’ll find to wear there & all the rest can go to your local thrift shop for a donation. Think of all the money you’ll save on shopping & a tax deduction to boot.

10. Be charming: Smile on the street, say thank you more often & say hello to your neighbors. You’ll be surprised at how many might become friends. Look at Holly Golightly. Warmth & Charm should be your bywords for 2009.

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