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In Editor's Desk on November 25, 2008 at 12:31 am

Dear Friends,

Here as promised are more “charming” ideas for Christmas gifts. This time for the foodies. Food gifts are great if you’re economy-minded. They can be thoughtfully chosen to compliment the recipient’s taste, make a splash, & fit your budget at the same. Skip the caviar this year as Sean Driscoll of Glorious Foods said in Quotation of the Day (N.Y. Times Nov.1,’08), “Everyone is very conscious of the fact that while Rome is burning, we shouldn’t be having a good time. Nobody’s ordering caviar as a first course.”  The poor dear, hope his business survives all the cancelled corporate holiday parties.

cheeseA really unique food gift which is as dazzling for the price as it is for the taste, is the famous Vacherin Mont d’Or. A truly seasonal cheese made in the Swiss moutains and only available in winter, it is a spectacular treat that you break open and eat w/ a spoon directly from it’s spruce-wood container. Some dried fruit and nuts make it even better. You can find it at Murray’s Cheese Shop.

For rememberances of Christmas past, a lovely gift is a package of madeleine_commercy2Madeleines de Commercy, these seashell-shaped cakes date back to 1755 and were Marcel Proust’s inspiration for his life’s work.  They are best dipped in Christmas tea by Mariage Freres.

If all this thriftyness is getting to you and there is one big splurge on your horizon, how about a “golden apple,” a napa-leather, apple-shaped metallic python print clutch bag for winter, by designer Alice Temperley. Only 25 pieces were produced and are carried in her stores for the retail price of $995.  The design is named for the golden apple in the Greek myth, “The Judgment of Paris” in which the godesses, Hera, Athena and Aphrodite all vied for the prize of the golden apple addressed to “the fairest.” temperley-apple1

See you next week with some DIY holiday gifts!  In the meantime, don’t forget to check my website-


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