Deanna Littell's Charm School

Letter from the Editor

In Editor's Desk on October 27, 2008 at 11:34 pm

Dear Reader,

If I’m going to tell you about all things Charm, I’d better start with some definitions.

Charm can be a verb or a noun. As for the nouns, Charm can be a spell as in ancient times -see Harry Potter to learn Charms. A Charm can be lucky, as in amulets, touch pieces & things worn on one’s person to ward off the evil spirits, enhance fertility or bring love. Charm is a number of socially desirable traits such as courtesy,wit & sexiness. Charms, had their first heyday after WW11 when soldiers came home from abroad with souvenir charms of all the places they’d visited. The ladies loved them and attached them to bracelets,forever after know as charm bracelets.

As for the verb, to Charm-to please, to attract, to fascinate,to seduce, to bewitch-women throughout the ages have been trying to figure that one out. I shall try to be of help.

Thank you for reading,


Please visit to see my custom-made charm bracelets.

  1. Deanna, The charm bracelet I started with you has been the best gift I have ever received from myself! Thank you for helping me make it so special. You are a charmer of a lady!
    xoxo, susan

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